What is it?

 This event designed for teen/young parents up to 25 years of age. So we make sure it is not only helpful but fun as well. Picture a free online scavenger with resources, games, & prizes.

Who will be there?

We bring the best resources from Multnomah, Washington, & Clackamas counties that are helpful to young families. There will be some fun easter eggs in there as well,

Why should I  Participate ?

  • Everyone young parent who participates gets a prize.

  • Completed entry's will be entered into grand prize drawing

  • Something different to do.

  • its easy

  • You have a week to complete the list. 

Do I need to register?

Nope, on the week of the fair there will be a button on the home page that will link you to the scavenger hunt.

* This fair in intended for pregnant or parenting young parents in Clackamas, Multnomah, & Washington Counties.

If you do not live in one of those counties you are welcome to participate. However please note that prizes are not guaranteed for those who live outside the designated counties without prior arrangements.  



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